Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there any yoga etiquette to be aware of?

  • Please try to arrive 10 mins early so we can start promptly and ensure that everyone has participated in the warm up for your own safety 

  • Please do not leave the class unless you really need to, particularly during meditation / relaxation when others are concentrating and would prefer to be undisturbed. Should you know you need to get away early please discuss with me at the start of the class

  • Please refrain from conversation during class- yoga is much a meditation practice which requires concentration and focus for mental benefits and also for physical safety and benefits in more mindful and deeper practice - don't worry a small amount of fun is allowed! 

  • Please do raise any concerns, difficulties, discomforts or pains you may experience during class by either raising your arm or waving me to come to you, or if appropriate opening up to the class

  • We will always take a moment to share amongst the class at the end any experiences or raise any questions too, so you may wish to wait for this opportunity if you feel more comfortable and would like to enjoy the flow of the class to the maximum potential

  • Please try to stick to the class program so that others are not distracted  or confused by your own movements, however if you wish to move more freely, I would ask you to kindly place yourself towards the back of the class to reduce the risk of disturbing others

  • I will be looking to read the class and make adjustments in the teaching to allow for a natural flow for all

  • During Savasanna, particularly relaxation, please face with your head towards the front of the room and legs towards the back of the room. This is a traditional yoga position showing the teacher your forehead rather than feet, but also serves to allow your head to be closer to the front of the room allowing my voice to reach you at much further ease

  • Please leave shoes outside of the class. This gives us more space,  and a cleaner room

  • Please have phones silenced or off

Q: How often should I attend to see difference?

  • Weekly sessions are ideally the minimum for all students, however if less regular slots are required then you will still develop, for PT yoga I will try to schedule this as best I can. After a week you may notice great effects, after a few weeks you may notice more significant changes, but after 10 weeks you  can really be experiencing a difference.

Q: How many sessions will I need to learn a practice?

  • 10 sessions is recommended to gain a habit for a lifestyle change. I will endeavor to enable students to become their own masters and have their own independent practices

Q: What do I need to bring?

Essentials: Just yourself, an open mind, comfortable clothing, and a bottle of water to drink after the class. I'd recommend bringing a snack rich in proteins or something with a little sugar after any exercise in case of light headedness and to give the body some replenishment for the work done


  • Bringing a small towel, scarf & / belt to class can be a useful tool for numerous things:

  • Creating additional resistance particularly in stretches where you cannot reach

  • Generating support in postures to bring additional stability

  • Supporting the body & joints to bring more comfort

  • Comforting the body with warmth during relaxation

  • Supporting a balancing posture such as downward dog with extra padding to prevent slipping

  • Drying away any moisture created from the work out

If you find the right tool it can double up as one product, I’ll be looking for just this thing myself - for now you may see me using an old scarf

  • You might want to bring a light snack or energizing drink as you may need the extra nutritional assistance to recover from the class.

  • If you have your own mat please bring this. Mat hire is £1

Note: Always remember to consume protein within 2 hours of intense muscular work to allow quick recovery and muscular development. And don’t forget your all important calcium in your diet to aid strength growth

Q: When can I eat before class?

Ideally do not eat a heavy meal any time within 2 hours before the class. Yoga involves movement in the abdominal organs which might be uncomfortable if recently full.

Q: What facilities are there?

  • Toilets are available in which you can change clothing if necessary. There is also a tap for water. See Find Us for parking / transport. No lockers unfortunately but you can keep your personal belongings at the back of the room.

Q: Are children welcome?

  • I am not trained specifically to work with children, however I would welcome a child to join the class, but I would recommend you attend beforehand to know you are happy with my teaching.

Q: Are there any discounted rates available?

  • From time to time I will be running special offers so please keep an eye out for these, sign up to the newsletter to hear more

  • Concessionary rates are available upon request. Proof may be required for concessions to apply.

Q: How do I book? / Do I need to book?

  • Yes. Please book with me directly by text or email, and await your confirmation

Q: What if I can't make my booking and need to cancel?

  • Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if possible

Q: How can I make a complaint?

  • Please discuss with me in private, or email me and I will endeavor to resolve the situation

Q: Are there any additional costs?

  • Please bring £1 for mat hire & change for the car park in Kenilworth. Free 2 hours parking is available a short walk away at Abbey Fields but ensure you display a free parking ticket from the machine.