Public Group Classes


Tone-up, Relax and Find "Mind Freedom",

Get Flexible and Receive Balance


Hatha Yoga for Complete Beginners / Improvers

Classes will be warming, slow, and strong - allowing you to delve deep in to relaxed physical activity whilst steadying the mind. 

Suitable for complete beginners and improvers; classes are tailored for the specific needs of the class participants, ensuring that all are able to find a place of comfortable strengthening during the class. Participants can opt out of postures and take rest whenever necessary during the class.

The format of the hatha yoga class will usually include a short meditation to centre the focus at the start of the class, followed by a soft joint mobilisation and muscular warm-up to suit the proceeding asana's (posture's). Then follows the focused asana work where different postures will be explored in more depth. Pranayama breathing exercises are often practiced during the 60 minutes, along with a short amount of non-compulsory group chanting to further cleanse, focus and energise. All followed by a cooling closing relaxation. 



Mondays: 4pm-5pm @ Old School Fitness, Allesley

Tuesdays: 3pm-4pm @ Old School Fitness, Allesley

Tuesdays: 6.30pm-7.30pm @ Canley Community Centre

Wednesdays: 9.30am-10.30am @ The Kenilworth Centre

Wednesdays: 2pm-3pm @ Old School Fitness, Allesley

Thursdays: 12.30pm-1.30pm @ Old School Fitness, Allesley

Sync with your calendar

Top tip: Change it to reoccur weekly & set a reminder. You'll never have to miss a class again! 


Which Pass is for you?

  • Class Passes - Fortnightly or less frequent attendance

  • Unlimited Week Passes - Weekly attendance or more

  • Term Passes - Ideal for termly attendance, weekly or more

  • Unlimited Monthly Standing Order Pass - Weekly attendance or more

Class Passes - Fortnightly attendance

  • Best if you may be unable to attend every week, and still good if you attend fortnightly.

  • Expiry for 5 Class passes is 12 Weeks

  • Expiry for 10 Class passes is 20 Weeks

Drop In: £10

5 Class Pass: £45

10 Class Pass: £80

Unlimited Week Passes - Weekly attendance or more

  • One off payments

  • Best if you intend to attend once a week or more

  • Expire after 1, 4 or 5 weeks, and can be used in as many classes per week as you wish*

Unlimited 1 Week Pass : £20

Unlimited 4 Week Pass: £35

Unlimited 5 Week Pass: £40

Term Passes - Ideal for termly attendance, weekly or more

  • One off payments

  • Best if you intend to attend once a week or more & want to attend a half, 3/4 or full term

  • Expire after 7, 8, 10, 15, or 16 weeks, and can be used in as many classes per week as you wish*

7 Week 1/2 Term Pass: £52.50

8 Week 1/2 Term Pass: £60

15 Full Term Pass: £97.50

16 Week Full Term Pass: £104

10 Week 3/4 Term Pass: £70

Unlimited Monthly Standing Order Pass - Weekly attendance or more

  • Ease of payment and best value for money

  • 30 day cancellation required, and minimum contract is for 3 months

  • Inclusive of all classes

Unlimited Monthly Standing Order Pass £30

*Subject to availability, booking essential

Terms & Conditions

  • All classes must be booked in advance to ensure availability

  • Missed attendance will be recorded & Nic Sko Yoga retains the right to reject bookings if bookings are repeatedly missed without reasonable explanation

  • Unfortunately refunds are not available

  • Weekly Passes can be extended due to sickness, provided it is communicated in a timely manner

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Free Trial

I believe that the practice of yoga is a gift for all to experience, and should in no way be out of the reach of any individual. In keeping with this I am happy to offer all the first session completely free - a chance for you to decide if you would like to join in more regularly.

Help With Payment

I am happy to discuss reduced prices & introductory prices if you are struggling to make the financial commitment to attend regularly. If this is you, please don't be discouraged to ask. I have a reduced set of price options that may work for you.


Whilst I am not an operating charity, and need to cover business costs and provide a living, I would absolutely love to open the doors to all in the community.  

Your agreement

Whilst it's something I hope I can support with, please bare in mind that the cost of running a small business encompasses more than the time spent in the room with the client, and any agreements on price flexibility should be seen as an offer temporary to current circumstances. I would greatly appreciate if circumstances change that this is reflected with gratitude in an increase of payment to help me stay afloat with my costs.

Likewise if you are able to pay more than the outlined cost it will help others attend through their hardships.

With gratitude, 

Nicole x