Yoga 121 - book your January freebie with me today

Time to get deep! 

Nab your free January 121 (absolutely free!) 


Because you can! 

Because I can! 

And, because I want to share my gifts with you!

My energies are rising, & I've got some space in my diary for teaching YOU! 

About me:

I've been teaching yoga 121 for 16 months & group classes for 12 months. Plenty of experience, fantastic feedback & wonderful regulars. I adapt tuition to people's needs - provided they are given!... There's a clue for you to progress ;)

I'm looking to grow my classes and my clientele so I can take my passion to a higher level of exploration (as you need a teacher, a teacher is born. And, as your teacher, I am learning from you). 

I've been open about my personal mental health difficulties and I find teaching heals me too. The business side to date; not so much! So, not very many people know about me yet, and I've not pushed my marketing strong enough to stack my diary as I'd hoped. (I've been keeping my diary fairly open for my recovery and to offer my yoga services) 

I really want to help people heal from yoga, to become comfortable with their state so that they can enjoy each moment gifted to us. -This is what I gain from my practice!

I'm also hoping for financial stability from yoga, which means allowing people to experience something new at ease....

My class schedule is not yet complete, and I appreciate that can be a barrier, and 121 can get pricey with the costs of today. 

I know that commitment to something new can be real challenge to overcome, so from day 1 I've opened my doors to new students on a trial basis, and my prices are flexible and negotiable to those who've fallen on harder times (why not?!). 

Problem is, many of you who have reached out have still found barriers to joining my class or starting your 121, and I think - why should you miss out!? I hate missing out! Especially when it's something good for me! 

For me, even if I, or it (yoga) is not for you, and you decide not to explore any further, then I still accomplished my goal right now in making yoga available to you. 

And in doing so you also have helped to heal a little part of me too. 

The catch (essential)

*All I ask is for you to support me with a travel fee to help me get to you at no expense

*A preliminary consultation will be scheduled to; 1) outline current needs, 2) establish your personal starting point, & 3) agree the kind of practices you would like to be included  

*A follow up interview will be scheduled reviewing the session

*Photographs to be taken (negotiable- I'm camera shy too!), with a selection to be used for marketing purposes agreed by both parties. (This could be in a separate session to the 121 if necessary)

*Location: your space / webspace

*Further info: