Personal Private Yoga Classes


Specially tailored classes to suit your exact needs

Personal sessions will allow you to have that extra focus on your goals, whilst the privacy of the class may allow you to feel more comfortable and relaxed, the true essence of private tuition is to allow you to gain more, by giving the same time to the practice.

I will work with you on your specific needs as best I can, whilst aiming to allow you to develop the techniques you need to practice in your own time, at your own leisure.

I am able to travel to you wherever you wish me to teach you, whether that's the privacy of your own home, your garden or local park. I'm happy to help find an alternative location for the private classes too, however there may be additional costs for room hire (approx. £15ph). Distance travel costs apply for area's outside of 5miles from Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5.


The Fix-Up Finesse / Set-Up Starter: Single Session

Whether you're;

Completely new and feel a need to get up-to-speed and find your comfortable start on the mat, or;

A long lost yogi wanting help remembering whatever you may have forgotten, or;

A regular practitioner looking to break-through something that's been holding you back, to move on and progress further.

Whoever you are, a one-off 121 can be just what you need to boost your super-yogi prowess, and unleash those all-enriching yogic powers.

 The Game-Changer / New Yogi: 10 Session Pass

You're likely to feel great effects from the first session, and will probably notice good results after just a few, but to really feel the gain from a practice then 10 sessions is just perfect.

You'll have something you can continue with in your own time, and really make a difference to your lifestyle. And of course, for continual guidance you can take regular weekly sessions.


Free 1 Hour Trial Session* - Sign up, Contact me: / 07465 432 489

Additional Distance Travel Costs: For locations  5 miles+ from CV5, an extra £5 is chargeable, and an additional £5 per 10 miles from the 5 mile radius.


Deeper relaxation, lengthened stretching or bigger energy burner - whatever your reason, the more you put in the more you get out

10 Session Pass: £500 (payable in two installments = 2 x £250)

Single Session 90 Minutes: £55

*70 Minutes also available at same price*


An hour will fly by, and it's a great place to start

10 Session Pass: £400 (payable in two installments = 2 x £200)

Single Session 1 Hour: £45

*45 Minutes also available at same price*


30 MINUTES EXPRESS: Yoga / Pranayama / Meditation


Pick up the pace of your physical asana class

Develop greater meaning from your pranayama breath work

Or, muse in mindfulness with more meditation

An Express class can you give you more bang for your buck, especially if you've got a clear idea of what you're looking for. If you're maybe new, or a bit uncertain of what you need, no worries, I'll discuss with you in advance of the class so no time is wasted, and we'll get you started on the right path.

10 Session Pass: £200 (payable in two instalments = 2 x £100)

Single Session 30 Minutes: £25

*15 Minutes also available at same price*

Help With Payment, Yoga is for all

I am happy to discuss reduced prices & introductory prices if you are struggling to make the financial commitment to attend regularly and have a true need. If this is you, please don't be discouraged to ask. 


Whilst I am not an operating charity, and need to cover business costs and provide a living, I would absolutely love to open the doors to all in the community.  

Your agreement

Whilst it's something I hope I can support with, please bare in mind that the cost of running a small business encompasses more than the time spent in the room with the client, and any agreements on price flexibility should be seen as an offer temporary to current circumstances. I would greatly appreciate if circumstances change that this is reflected with gratitude in an increase of payment to help me stay afloat with my costs.

Likewise if you are able to pay more than the outlined cost it will help others attend through their hardships.

With gratitude, 

Nicole x

Terms & Conditions

*Due on completion of the 10 session pass & subject to availability

Sessions passes are based on weekly sessions, however if less regular slots are required I will try to schedule this

1:1 sessions will take place at a location of your choice (your home), subject to risk assessment. Alternatively room hire can be obtained at an addition cost of approx £20 dependent on location

All 1:1’s are subject to an additional travel charge of £5 per 10 miles of travel, starting from a 5 mile radius from Earlsdon, Coventry (CV5)

1:1 prices are based on 1 person, for couples or extra people please contact to enquire on rates

Unfortunately I am unable to offer refunds on scheduled classes (with exception)

Please note: I am not specifically trained to work with any special requirements, however I will endeavour to work with you whatever your needs & my training and insurance covers me for a range of differing health needs based on necessary exclusions. If I do find that you will need more specialised care, then I reserve the right to cease teaching at any time. Hereby you will entitled to a refund of unspent tuition. In this circumstance I will try to find a more suitable local teacher for your needs to enable your continued practice. It is your responsibility to inform me of any underlieing health concerns.